Monday, November 11, 2013

On the road

I was at the doctor for my 6 week postpartum filling out the some forms. I came to this one..

and had to redo the "number of pregnancies " part. It hit me again that I have taken 4 positive pregnancy tests. 4 missed periods, 4 due dates, 4 babies inside of me. 4. It's the strangest thing, to think about this. When I am at the OB I always get the urge to get on this blog and read comments or previous posts. Not sure why, maybe it's my way of continuing to be amazed with how far we have come. How blessed we are. How strong I can be.  There were a few comments on my last post introducing baby Emmitt that I hadn't read yet. How wonderful to know that this little blog has been a source of encouragement to others. That there are women out there that have followed our story and taken this journey with us. That is exactly the reason I started writing this all down and sharing. 

I had quite the wait time at the office, so during my waiting.. And waiting... And waiting.. And after reading and thinking about comments on my blog, I decided to write down a few thoughts.

The series right now at church is all about transformation. It has so much meaning to me personally that I swear Pastor Mike and Keith decided on it just for me :) Seriously though, my personal transformation is very evident to me as I look back on the last year and a half. (And to be honest, as I look back on the last several years!) I guess that's ultimately what we do as time goes by, we transform. But there are certain events in our lives that show us how exactly we should go about transforming and which roads to take. Mine happened to be miscarrying two babies.

I am on the road to becoming the person I should be, want to be, can be. I'm not there yet, but last August set me on the right path and I work everyday to get myself closer to that woman.

There was a post from a woman named Heather on my last post.  She gave me a link to her blog, her story, and I encourage you to click on the link below and read her story.  If there is one thing I have learned by keeping this blog it's that people are listening.  People you know, don't know, people you wouldn't expect to be.. they are listening.  So take a moment and listen to her story.

This is what she told me about herself, but I learned so much more by visiting her website...

I am a wife, mother, and a mesothelioma survivor. At age 36, just after giving birth, I was diagnosed and given 15 months to live.  I knew that I needed to beat the odds for my newborn daughter, Lily.  It’s been almost 8 years now and I’ve dedicated my life to spreading awareness of this awful disease. Asbestos is not banned in the US, yet it’s the only known cause of mesothelioma. Once diagnosed, most patients die within 2 years. I am one of few survivors who openly share their story and work to spread awareness of these dangers.

Heather's Story

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